Mr. M. Philip

“It was really a helpful session for me I enjoyed a lot the staff are really great and so respective especially Mr. Nikola, a warm greeting for his excellence doing everything in a professional way. I also recommend my friends to come here as they will find the best treatment here. Thanks so much for everything.”

Mr. V. Kadam

“I have been suffering from back and neck pain since 4 months. The physiotherapy sessions by Mr. Abdul were very helpful in treating the cause and muscle group. It was a good experience. Thank you.”

Mr. M. Samaan

“Thank to Mr. Tasyir, I had a lot of improvement from the time I came here, the pain is almost gone.”

Mr. Raffi O

“Very good experience, Mr Nikola is a professional with good skills and care. Very sufficient. Excellent care.”

Mr. G. Lama

“I’ve been suffering from neck and chest pain since last four years. The prolapsed of C5, C6 and C7 and weak muscle caused dizziness and light headed almost everyday. My healthcare with Mr. Goran is one of the best physiotherapist I’ve experienced in the last 5 years. He studied the problems that caused my dizziness and pain and gave the best treatment and exercise which subsided my problems. I’m thankful to all the staffs, and my therapist for the best treatment in town.”

Ms. H. Al- Mousaw

“Ms. Elizabeth was amazing, I feel better after my sessions. Thank you”

Mr. I. Rombano

“I‘m suffering for 2 months, now its less pain. I learned about healthy exercise and posture. I’m satisfied with the service and equipment’s.”

Mr. M. Hashem

“Almost a month, the treatment was useful and the pain is much less.”

Ms. H. El- Khalil

“I had left shoulder tendonitis, I have the pain for more than 3 months. Physiotherapist Ms. Elizabeth was very nice and very helpful and now I am feeling better. Thank you so much.”

Mr. Samuel. A

“Had this problem for the last 5 months. Your healthcare significantly made a difference, everything was best.”

Ms. Mariana

“I have been suffering this problem since 10 months ago. The physiotherapy center has helped me to feel better. I can move my hand more and I can do more things.”

Ms. M. Dave

“I have been suffering with this problem for around 7 years, your healthcare is very benifical and good. I guess my best part of the experience was the time I spent with Ms. Elizabeth. I loved her behaviour, she is really kind.”

Mr. Salvid

“My Experience with the Healthcare Center is extremely positive. Very Professional people.”

Mr. S. Asa

“I had been suffering for 2 months. The therapy is very good. He knew my problem and well known how to treat. After continuous 4 sessions my problem is improving and more session to cure my problem. Administration personal very kind and professional.”

Mr. A Shalaby

“My problem it was back pain now it is more better than before. The best part is the physiotherapist, very good and caring.”

Mr. R. Ocial

“With BMI through its diligent and able physiotherapists, specifically Mr Kris Gene, for very short time of 10 days sessions a tremendous improvement has been achieved.

The best part is the every session with new sets of exercises and the new and advanced facilities used.

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience with BMI. More power BMI.”

Mr. G Encena

“Excellent outcome on my health issue. Improves everything that I have complained. Excellent therapist – highly recommend.”

Ms. A. Abdalla

“I had severe pain, but after the physiotherapy sessions I had in Al Emadi I feel way better. My Therapist Elizabeth is professional and she knows what she is doing. Generally I am very satisfied.”

Mr. M. Din

“Physiotherapy Center has good atmosphere and well experience staff and they are very professional and supporting.”

Mr. F. Garcia

“The Physiotherapist, Abdul, who treated me was kind, but firm in making me do the exercises. He’s good in what he is doing. Thank you very much. I feel much better now.”

Ms. Noura

“I was treated very well the exercises recommended from the physiotherapists were efficient and reduced my pain. I am really pleased with the physiotherapist attendance.”

Mr. Nawad

“I was suffering from pain in my heel – left leg. I got a perfect treatment and Al Hamdulliah I feel so good now and after 8 sessions I can say that the pain is vanished. Special thanks to my therapist Mr. Abdul who is a really nice person and gave me the exact treatment I was looking for. Thanks.”

Mr. Adnan

“Very good staff, treatment is highly efficient and sound.”

Ms. M. Ramadan

“I was satisfied with the quality of services provided for me and most importantly the hard and honest work given to me by Nancy and physiotherapists.”

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