Staff Details

Staff Details

Dr Dušan Oreščanin

Specialist in Sports & Exercise Medicine Dr. Dušan Oreščanin oversees the smooth running of the facility, ensures the patients' experience, and monitors staff training ensuring their knowledge, development, progression, and expertise.

Dr. Dušan implements his extensive knowledge and experience in; diagnosing individuals with musculoskeletal injuries or illnesses, develops, implements and assesses rehabilitation programmes for those who would like to enhance their wellbeing, fitness levels and reduce injury related pain, return to exercise, or individuals who would benefit from preparing for exercise. Dr. Dušan provides support and assists patients in maximising performance and reducing injury time, providing expertise in Sports Cardiology, Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Pre-participation physical evaluation (PPE), Body analysis and has a special interest in obesity management. Dr. Dušan promotes the highest level of ethical standards, and encourages physical activity and exercise in the general population, promoting health.

Dr Haddad Wissem Soumia

Dr. Haddad Wissem Soumia provides more than 10 years experience in rehabilitation medicine, working within Al Emadi Physiotherapy Center offering expertise in Musculoskeletal, Rheumatoid, Incontinence, and Neurology. Ensuring her patients have complete comprehensive programs, using all methods available aiming to restore her patients’ functional health.

Abdul Muqeet BPTh, MPTh

"A conscientious and enthusiastic health care provider, deeply committed to achieving results & restoring functions." Sharing his knowledge and experience of more than 10 years within Musculoskeletal and Orthopedics, Sports rehabilitation, and Back and Spine rehabilitation to aid people back to health and wellness. "Making exercise a better medicine."

Melek Wesleti BPT

Physiotherapist at Al Emadi Physiotherapy Center providing excellent service in Electrotherapy, Tapping, Laser, Hot and Cold treatments, breathing and relaxation techniques with more than 6 years experience.

Goran S Vidakovic DPT

Goran a certified physiotherapist with extensive experience in Electro and Kinesis therapies, Hydro and Photo therapies and Heat and Crytotherapy. Ensuring patients reach their full potential and over come their health concerns. "I have a committed and professional approach to my patients, so that they achieve their goals and dreams." "Mens sana in corpore san." Meaning - A healthy mind in a healthy body.

Nancy John BPT, MPT

Nancy is a Neuro-Physiotherapist who offers more than 7 years experience. "I have a genuine concern for my patients. I am committed to the rehabilitation and well being of all of my patients". She has appeared on national television offering talks on the "Importance of Neurorehabilitation in Incurable Neurological Disorders and written and co written multiple books.

Taysir K Patel BPT, MPT, MIAP

Taysir a Physiotherapist at Al Emadi Physiotherapy Center offers 4.5 years experience and clinical skills in the the field of physiotherapy with key skills in Musculoskeletal and Sports, Pulmonary and Cardiac rehabilitation. "I wish to reach out and make a difference to humanity, working at Al Emadi Physiotherapy Center allows me to do that."

Elizabeth Daniel BPT

An experienced physiotherapist with over 12 years of specialised experience in Orthopedic rehabilitation, Neuro and Obesity rehabilitation. "I am confident that my clinical experience will help me to deliver high quality patient care."

Nikola Milicevic BOT

Our Occupational therapist offering more than 3 years experience in physiotherapy massage, and injury prevention. "Through my work at Al Emadi Physiotherapy Center I can aid in the advancing of patient lives and improving their wellbeing."

Kris Gene Reyes BPT

Kris is one of our Physiotherapists offering 5 years of rehabilitation experience in; Orthopedics, Neurology, Sports, General medicine, Geriatrics, Cardiology and Pediatrics, with a outlook to providing care and education to the patient.

Wissem Ben Slama (Massage Therapist)

Our fitness therapist with 9+ years experience in fitness and sports massage, reflexology & aromatherapy. "I have a genuine interest in helping people achieve their goals, offered with a positive outlook."

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