Physical Therapy Modalities

Physical Therapy Modalities

We strive to provide our patient with modern day mode of therapies includes


Specific temperature adjusting treatment methods for treating injuries and pain, we have a range of devices available for each specific treatment method; cold packs, ice massage, hydro collator hot packs, shortwave diathermy, infra-red lamp). Ice or heat treatment as a therapeutic intervention decreases pain in joint and muscle as well as soft tissues and increased effects on tissue metabolism, blood flow, inflammation, edema and connective tissue extensibility.

Thermotherapy treatments in Qatar


The use of therapeutic electrical energy applied externally to the body in the area causing pain and discomfort or the site of injury. The energy passes through the body to stimulate the nerves and muscles and interferes with the message signal of pain, effectively slowing down the message sent from the nerve to the brain.

Our devices: TENS, interferential, high-voltage galvanic stimulation, iontophoresis, ultrasound, phono-phoresis ultrasound treatment and laser.

Electrotherapy treatments in Qatar

Manual therapy

Manual therapy, also known as Manipulative therapy.

Our experienced manual therapists use a variety of techniques in their everyday routine to treat their patients’ pain.

These therapeutic techniques are physical, hands on treatments used by medical professionals within physical rehab, occupational health disciplines by physical, occupational, and Osteo therapists, Drs and athletic trainers to treat muscle and skeleton pain and disability. There’s an application of external force applied to the body with the goal to improve mobility in the restricted joints, connective tissues or skeletal muscle areas.

There are 3 notable forms of this treatment Manipulation, An introduction of rapid rotational, shear or distraction force, Mobilization, A slower, more controlled joint movement (articulation), and Massage, the repetitive, rubbing, stripping and kneading of the connective tissue covering the muscles (myofascial tissues) with the aim to help improve the fluid dynamics within the small narrow spaces of tissues (interstitial fluid).

We offer soft tissue therapy – a variety of Massage techniques, Myofascial release, joint Mobilizations and Manipulations.

Manual therapy treatments in Qatar


Kinesio is a term meaning movement, this techniques literal meaning is movement therapy, performed by trained professionals using therapeutic passive and active muscular movements such as massage, and exercise the techniques use scientifically based exercise principles adapted with the aim to enhance mobility, strength and endurance of people suffering with functional limitations or people who require extended, enhanced physical conditioning.

Kinesiotherapy treatments in Qatar

Spinal Decompression also known as Traction

An alternative therapeutic technique designed with the aim of alleviating pain on the spinal cord of on one or more compressed nerve roots passing through or exiting the spinal columns while promoting healing of the intervertebral disc.

Therapeutic distraction can be applied in a variety of programmable patterns, cycles, and functions providing treatment in static, intermittent, and cyclic distraction in a variety of forces whereby relieving pressures on structures which may be causing pain in the skeletal or muscular origin (in the Cervical, Thoracic or lumbar spine).

Traction can be used to relieve peripheral radiation, sciatica and pain associated with: Herniated discs, Protruding discs, Spinal root impingement, Bulging discs, Hypomobility, Prolapsed discs, Degenerative Disc and Joint disease, Facet syndrome, Posterior facet syndrome, Compression factures, Acute facet problems, Joint pain, Radicular pain, Discogenic pain, Pinched nerves, and many other back conditions.

Spinal Decompression in Qatar


A technique used to effectively stimulate lymphatic system to promote lymphatic drainage, which helps to promote the body’s natural toxin clearing functions. The device uses air pressure and alternates between compression and decompression allowing for revitalization and oxygenation of the tissue thus helping to slim and redefine the legs, stomach and arms while enhancing skin tone.

Physiotherapy treatment in Doha

Gym exercise and Rehabilitation

Techniques using various exercises and drills. Rehabilitation takes on many forms while you are recovering from an injury and returning to health. Rehabilitation programs aim to regain pre injury levels in all aspects of physical fitness.

Ensuring to perform the rehabilitation program will enable and empower you to achieve and reach your full functional fitness while ensuring to maintain your cardiovascular fitness.

Physiotherapy treatments in Doha

Laser therapy in collaboration with BMI Fitness trainers

Using laser lights set in therapeutic ranges enable to relieve pain and stimulate cell function. Laser therapy techniques can be used for a variety of ailments such as: Rhemuatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, acute or chronic neck pain, tendiopathy, chronic joint disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia low back pain.

Laser therapy treatments

Shockwave Therapy

Also known as Radial Pressure Wave Treatment, this treatment offers a non-invasive treatment solution for long-term insertion and soft tissue pathologies.

Radial Pressure Wave Treatment is a locally administered treatment method applied to the affected area used to enhance and reset the healing pattern, reduce pain, improve function and quality of life.

The treatment can be used to treat indications which are normally very difficult to treat and can be used for chronic conditions that other treatments cannot improve or heal and it’s favoured among Therapists due to the positive outcomes and its relatively short treatment period.

Physical affects of radical pressure waves include: pain reduction, increased metabolism, as shock waves influence the tissues on a cellular level, revascularization effect, where the renewed blood flow promotes tissue healing and regeneration, and muscle tone recovery.

Injuries and chronic conditions which can be treated by Shockwave Therapy are: Planter fasciitis, Achillodynia, shin splint, muscle sprain, jumpers and runners knee, Myofascial trigger point therapy, Trochanteric insertion tendonitis, Piriformis syndrome, mid and low back pain, Calcified shoulder tendonitis, Frozen shoulder, Cerviobrachial neuralgia, Trapezius tension, Radial/ Medical epicondylitis, Finger tendonitis, Muscular cramps or spasms, cellulite treatment, massage and vibration therapy.

Shockwave Therapy in Qatarshockway

Aerobic exercises

Aerobic activity or cardio enables you to breath harder and your heart rate beating faster, an activity performed at a moderate to vigorous intensity for a minimum of 10 minutes. Exercises in your rehab program may include walking, running, cycling. We provide advanced cardio, heart rate monitoring and incorporate training zone rehabilitation, while under the full care of our Therapists.

Advanced intervention and Huber 360

Using state of the art equipment, to enhance your rehabilitation and achieve your goals, we have access to a variety of specific and targeted strength training resistance equipment, from Huber 360, to a variety of air pressure machines and many variations of weight and resistance equipment.

Huber 360 is a device utilising a brand new multi-axis motorized platform equipped with force sensors in both the base platform and handles. The objective of Huber 360 is to enhance physical and cognitive skills allowing for the development of Neuro-Muscular Training.

Your treatment plan is broken down into 4 fundamentals of movement: flexibility and mobility, dynamic reinforcement, posture and balance, and resistance.

Flexibility and mobility: targeted exercises to provide quick improvement in Range Of Motion, while also mobilizes joints safely and helps to reduce pain quickly.

Dynamic Reinforcement: on screen feedback to helping increase strength and coordination cleverly, the Huber 360 strengthens both superficial and deep muscles.

Resistance:Dynamic exercises adapted to the patient’s physical condition, increasing the capacity to endure fatigue, helping to modify BMI and improve cardiovascular system.

Posture and Balance: Incorporating balance games to regain steadiness and build confidence in movements, while correcting posture and improving stability.

Advanced proprioception training In Collaboration with Regime Diet Centre

Incorporation of movement to enhance, retrain or increase abilities. Working together with our nutritional experts to understand your body’s composition analysis, a Full Body Composition Assessment, and diet plan for weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Massage therapy in Qatar

Massage therapy and Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy has many variations and can be used for a variety of health-related purposes. Massage therapy is a manipulation of soft tissue (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) used to enhance a person’s health and well-being from reducing stress, anxiety to relaxing muscles, rehabilitating injuries, reducing pain, to promoting health and wellness. We offer a variety of massage techniques: Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Anti-Cellulite Massage.

Massage therapy in Doha

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